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Written by Pratyush Jha of Sharda University.

Edited by Shantanu Nemani.

Child marriage is a marriage of individuals before they attain the age of adulthood. The Indian law recognizes 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys as the age of adulthood for the purpose of marriage. Any marriage before the minimum valid age is termed as child marriage. “Child Marriage” means a marriage to which either of the contracting parties is a child, Child marriage are the pre-puberty marriages, where the couples would be childrenand they used to be most immature. These marriages can be defined as the marriage of children arranged by the parents consanguineously prescribed by the customs of society and unrecognised by the law of the state. “Child marriage are unplanned and un-thoughtful marriages have greater chances of disruption act as the obstacles in the way of progress of the personalities. These child marriages can be recognised by the following characteristics.

  1. These are the non-age specific marriages in which the age of either of the contracting parties is under a specified age, hence these are called under age marriages. In fact these are the pre-puberty marriages that is the entrants into such marriages would be
    physically most immature, physically and mentally they would be very weak to understand the purpose and doing of marriages. These are the consanguineous marriages. Marriage partners would be blood relatives among themselves arranged by the parents who used to be kith and kins among themselves like among cross cousins. The various restrictions regarding the kinship endogamy, Gotra practices are all tuned towards the continuation of early marriages.
  2. These are the mis-match marriages that are to be entrants into this wed-lock would be different in age, interest and understanding. In fact, these are parents interested in marriage but not children’s real interest.
  3. Child marriages are the social evils. These are the practices that cause the couple to suffer so many social, economic and physical disgraces. These marriages continue the vicious circle of persistent poverty, high illiteracy, high incidence of infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, elevated child mortality rate, high birth rate, high mortality rate, low life-expectancy of women, reinforcement of the subordinate status of women.

Consequences of Child Marriage:
There are multiple consequences of child marriage in term of the health and the social and economic situation of adolescent girls can be contextualized is two ways on i) Epidemiological Context and ii) Sociological Context.

Consequences of Child Marriages-Epidemiological Context:
Beginning stage of sexual movement and the weight on youthful wedded ladies to demonstrate their fruitfulness as quickly as time permits after marriage, results in high places of fruitfulness. This truly influences their wellbeing just as of their youngsters. These young people understanding, pregnancy and parenthood before they are truly completely evolved, and are presented to especially intense well being hazards during pregnancy and labour, for example, inconveniences emerging from it, fetus removal adds to contamination, fruitlessness and mortality among youthful ladies in creating nations, essentially in light of the fact that the clinical administrations are not effectively accessible, particularly to teenagers. While individuals of everything ages can be influenced by STDs, young ladies particularly are more defence less to STD transmission. Notwithstanding epidemiological information on patients with AIDS propose that by and large HIV disease was obtained during youthfulness and young ladies show up to be at more serious danger of HIV disease than more seasoned ladies. Another serious outcome of youngster marriage on little youngsters is that their common wellbeing is truly influenced. Youngster marriage alongside low levels of training or no instruction, monetary reliance, forswearing of dynamic force, imbalance in the home and sexual abuse negatively affects psychological wellness.
The Sociological Consequences of Child Marriage are as Follows:
It as a rule accepts away instructive open doors of young adult young ladies. As an outcome, it restricts their chances for business and pay age, souring the seeds for a lifetime of reliance. It likewise taken away their character improvement open doors as they get barely any presentation to the rest of the world. It in this way restricts their profession choices. The coming about absence of training limits ladies’ capacity to make educated decisions. In term of improvement, youngster marriage keeps ladies from taking an interest completely in the life of the family, the network and society. Energies, which may be coordinated towards social great and advancement are diminished. Ladies’ latent capacity and their commitment towards advancement furthermore, development are significant parts of the improvement cycle. Kid marriage keeps ladies just as society from understanding their full potential. Their chances for financial headway in later life are extensively diminished. A little youngster’s potential for getting abilities to bargain with a wide scope of encounters in the rest of the world, her socialization, is severely restricted., This winds up treating lower confidence in her own eyes and lower status according to the next. At last it additionally makes her give the well established man centric qualities to a group of people yet to come, along these lines adding to the endless loop of ladies’ subjection and reliance.

The act of Child marriage has authentic roots in the two India and Mali and it stays pervasive today, regardless of the way that these nations are unquestionably more not the same as they are similar. The key similitudes that have permitted this hazardous maltreatment of little youngsters to proceed are that the two societies battle with neediness and spot a lot of accentuation on the virtue of ladies while man centric perspectives are vigorously instilled into the two social orders.
Neediness in the two nations makes society see the marriage of little youngsters as a financial progress instead of an infringement of common freedoms. Money related wants oftentimes inspire marriage, paying little heed to the kid’s wellbeing.
The two societies’ colossal accentuation on ladies’ virtue prompts little youngsters being offered trying to limit their sexuality and capacity to repeat. In the two Mali and India, this is as often as possible spurred by a craving to safeguard class qualifications and maintain relative’s manliness.


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