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Written by Alisha Behera of School of Law, KIIT Deemed University.
Edited By Tushar Nigam.

Fit India Movement, which was launched on 29th August 2019, is a maneuver to make a nation well and fit both physically and mentally . The mission of the movement is to make a healthier India. There has been a rise in cases of diabetes, hypertension and other lifestyle diseases that are affecting the young people. The NCD Risk Factor Collaboration estimated that between 1980 to 2014, the age-standardized diabetes and hypertension pervasiveness in India among men rose from 3.7% to 9.1% and 24.5% to 26.6% and among women, it rose from 4.6% to 8.3% and 22.7% to 24.7% severally . Therefore with the thinking that small change in lifestyle can shut out the greater lifestyle diseases, this mission came to effect under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
India is a country of approximately 1.37 billion people therefore it requires higher level of scrutiny for strong implementation of any programme. It is important to have the proper and stringent implementation of the movement to make it a successful one. This movement has completed 1 year of its implementation, however it has not been able to reach many people.
Improper implementation of FIT India Movement
There are a number of loopholes which have become hindrance for the implementation of the movement. Such as:

  1. Programme is unreachable to people – There has been a lack in promotion of the movement. This movement was launched with the idea that this is the need of the hour and it should have been promoted properly so that it could have reached to at least 80% of the population of India excluding the 176 million Indians who are living below poverty line . Moreover, it seems like the movement was launched for those section of people who can afford a phone or a television to stream the sessions on Youtube. The government never thought of those who cannot afford those expensive products. There are approximately 90% of people who have no knowledge about his initiative by Government. If we look into the subscription of the FIT India Movement You Tube channel, we will find only 127k subscriptions to it. India is a country of 1.37 billion people and this is just approximately 0.0094% people who have subscribed to the channel. Moreover, there are people who are not technologically advanced to handle such sites and there are also connectivity issues regarding the same.
  2. Impossible for economically backward people – Fitness is not about working out or doing any physical activity but it also includes taking proper amount of food and getting proper amount of nutrients. Lack of nutrients can never make a person fit. Hence to make this movement successful, proper food must first reach people.
  3. Inactiveness of government in providing sessions- Since the inauguration of the programme, there have been very less number of sessions on its You tube Channel . There must be continuity in streaming sessions, so that at least there can be more subscribers to the channel and it can reach more people.

A Failure in respect of rise in COVID-19

While the number of affected people due to and by COVID 19 has rose to 6.6 Million and the death has tolled to 102,714 , India has recorded the third highest deaths in the world. Looking into the objective of the movement and the rapid rise in the COVID 19 cases, it nowhere seems that the movement has any impact on the health of people. During the period of lockdown, the government could have come up with the virtual sessions that would have dealt with certain queries of the people. Such as how to deal with this pandemic, what are the proximate homely treatments, what are the ways to enhance immunity so that one does not get affected from this virus or can easily recover, if affected. The first hand advice should have been given through this movement by the government, not only through and on its Youtube channel, but also through television in vernacular language. Moreover, even after recording this huge number of cases of COVID 19 and celebrating 1 year of FIT India Movement, the government never thought of having a session on COVID 19 and how to recover from the virus if got affected. If a certain program cannot be used to fulfill its objective, then there is no need of such programs.

The idea behind this initiative taken by the government is a laudable one. However, an idea is not just something that can make any change. Stringent implementation is required to make such initiative a successful one. India is not just about rich and middle class people. It also includes poor sections of society. If any initiative is taken, then it is for the whole state. Implementation should be in such a way that it can reach poor people too. The academic institutions must include this program in their routine and they must take steps to comply with this initiative. There must be formation of local centers for rural areas for taking up the sessions. Regular health check ups and regular sessions for healing different diseases are required. Promotion of this initiative is a necessity now to make this initiative a successful one.


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Image Courtesy- News Vibes of India

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